Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

What is it with all of us this year? I haven't done any decorating either, and I'm blah... Why don't we want to decorate? Here it is, a week before Christmas! I should have lights up, wreaths and garland up and around the windows. I usually don’t do the tree until the weekend before Christmas, but this year, it will only be up 5 days before Christmas. We are leaving late on the 22nd to see our daughter, Sara, and son-in-law, Jake, and new granddaughter, Makenzie in Colorado! So now I’ll only get to see the tree for 3 days before Christmas!

And baking? I would have cookie ingredients bought by now! I don’t even have the urge to bake! Why bake pies when you can buy 3 for $10 from the freezer section of the grocery store? And they do taste good! If I baked, everyone is usually too full for dessert, than I get to look at it for days! And I usually eat 2 pieces of pie a day until it’s gone! I know, I could freeze leftovers, but I have to blame the added pounds on something!

It's too cold and too dark to do much with horses except to feed them! Maybe that is it! We aren't out and moving around, which is exercising, especially when you feed and groom, so our energy level is blah! That's my story anyways!I know if the tree goes up and I would play Christmas music, I would get in the mood. I do have 2 small trees at the store though. I have no excuse not to do the Christmas houses...they are in the bottom shelves of the entertainment center. I just need to set them out! I think if we did some decorating we would all feel better. I know I'll feel better next Wed when I get to see my granddaughter!

I have bought gifts. I delivered some when we saw our daughter last week, just in case we don’t get out there if the weather turns nasty! But it will have to be a blizzard before I don’t go to see my new granddaughter for her first Christmas! I bought gifts for those that needed to be sent. I have most things for my husband, 2 sons, 1 daughter-in-law, and friends. I still need the “BIG” gifts for my husband and sons! Sara and Amber are getting baby swings for the babies. Actually, the babies are getting them, but that is what the moms wanted! Geez, have you seen what baby things cost today? Ok, on to big items. Ideas for sons are taken care of and hubby is “suppose” to be getting those presents this week. He better have it done by the weekend! Now, ALL I have to do is think of something for hubby. What do you get someone that doesn’t need, want, wear out anything! I am sooo easy to buy for, and my husband isn’t! He has it made, shopping for me, but every year he has to ask me what I want and he says he can’t find anything! Men. Get me something horsey, some nice jewelry, or go to Christopher Banks. I just love that store!

I have wrapped some gifts. I sent some today from the post office. It didn’t matter that I just carried the gifts in and asked for boxes that they would fit into. I did address the boxes right there. But I didn’t stand there and fill boxes and write out addresses when there was a line of people behind me waiting! I did step aside and let people behind me mail their packages. Ok, 2 packages sent, 1 to go. That box is heavy. I need to go to UPS.

I think I’ll do Christmas houses tonight, and get out the Christmas music CD’s. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll make Pecan Tarts this weekend. And Peanut Butter cookies with both chocolate kisses and with peanut butter cups. Love those! Ok, time to start humming Christmas songs.

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