Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beagle Puppies!

2005 litter

Our third child, the 2nd son, Micah, wanted a puppy. He talked about all kinds of Breeds. He decided to raise Beagles. Micah was about 14 at the time. In 2000, I went with him to pick out his first female, a tri-color, 13” Beagle puppy. AJ came home with us. AJ Shortstuff, “AJ”. They sure are cute puppies!

Micah breed AJ when she was 2 to a blond and white Beagle male. He kept a tri-color female from that litter. AJ’s Blue Daisy, “Daisy”. She is a pretty female, a little less blocky than her mother.

Jake’s Little Warrier, “Ace“, was a male puppy that he bought from a different litter. When Ace turned 2, he sired 1 or 2 litters every year. The average puppy litter size was 5-6 puppies, even though some litters did only have 4 pups.

The dogs adore Micah. When they hear his voice, they start looking for him. His 3 adult Beagles go straight to him, even if there are other people around. They love his attention. Micah spent a lot of time with the dogs when they were puppies, and it shows by how much the love people! His dogs love the attention, and rubs, and snacks! Beagles are notorious for following their noses, and not coming when called. But when his dogs are outside, and Micah calls, they come to home. Sometimes, the 2 older dogs want to run or chase the cats, but eventually they will come when Micah calls them.

Tom always feed them 1 or 2 small bone snacks after he plays with them! The dogs know it too. They will go get their rubs from him, then they wait for their bones.

We just had another litter of the cutest puppies! Daisy is a proud mom. She is such a good mom. She doesn’t mind us picking up her pups or moving them around. Last night, I wanted to make sure that each pup was nursing well. I’m moving each pup and getting each one to take a nipple. Daisy lays back as if to nap. But then, I’m sure she was tired after just giving birth to 6 healthy, hungry babies!


Nosnikta said...

CUTE CUTE! I'm such a sucker for puppies.

20 meter circle of life said...

so cute!!! I am a big fan of all Hounds.

Kim said...

do you sell the pups? And do you live in Neb.? I live straight south of Ft. Rob - it is one of my favorite places to take the horses. I'm looking for a puppy also -

Brenda said...

Kim, sorry I haven't answered you sooner. I have been gone twice in January and just catching up now (Feb 1). Yes, we sell Beagle puppies. The puppies are ready to go now. contact me at:
thanks! Brenda


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