Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Monday, December 29, 2008

My Letter to my First Grandson

Caden Thomas
Caden Thomas was born Friday, December 26, 2008 at 9:28 pm. 7 pounds, 9 ounces, 19 3/4” long. Chin dimple like his daddy. Eyes like his mommy. Perfect fingers and toes. And some hair. I think you look like your daddy. I can’t wait to get your baby pictures out and compare you to your Daddy’s baby book pictures.

Grandma and “Pop”, as your Grandpa wants to be called, got “the call” at about 10 am Friday morning. We had spent Christmas in Colorado with your Aunt Sara, Uncle Jake, and 2 week old cousin, Makenzie. Your Uncle Micah was also out with us. Your mommy had to have a planned C-section since you were butt down! We left Aunt Sara’s about 8 am that morning. I kept checking my watch until your Daddy called us with the news! He said all was well, your mommy was doing good, and that your daddy even cut the cord! We knew you were going to be a boy. Your name was going to be a surprise for the day you were born. Your mommy has always liked the name, Caden, since she started working at Preschools the year she graduated from high school. Your middle name, Thomas, is your Daddy‘s middle name. Your daddy was named after his daddy, your grandpa Tom, “Pop“. You are also named after your Mommy, as that is her maiden name, Amber Thomas. That is unique!
We drove north 30 minutes to I-80, then the highway all the way home from Pine Bluff, WY to Lincoln, NE. About 11am, we stopped at Cabelas at Sidney, NE. Pop likes to look at what guns are there and if there are any specials. I always like to see what winter clothing sales they have. I didn’t find much, but Pop bought 2 scopes.

From Sidney, it is 5 hours to Lincoln. We arrived about 4:30 at the hospital. The maternity ward was on the 6th floor. Your room was right next to the nurse’s station. When we walked in, you were resting comfortably in your Mommy’s arms. Your mommy and daddy were resting, as they had had visitors earlier in the day. We held you and you slept soundly. Your daddy changed your diapers that day, as your mommy couldn’t get out of bed yet.

You were only 7 hours old when I saw you for the first time, nestled in your mommy’s arms. Oh, you were so little. You had a perfectly round face, pretty eyes, a chin dimple, and a little hair! And your little fingers. Nice and long. Piano fingers. When I held you, your finger held my finger. You weren’t awake too much that evening while we were there, as you had a big day! We didn’t stay long as it was already evening and your mommy was tired.

The next day, Pop and I visited. Pop went with your Daddy to exchange the battery for the SUV. While they were gone, you slept the whole time! While you slept for about 2 hours, I held you close. You slept so deeply and quietly that afternoon. So content. Your mommy and I visited quietly, waiting for Pop and Daddy to come back. Even though that was when we should have laid you down, I loved holding you then. I held you close and watched your face. What a pretty baby! I want to share my love for horses with my first grandson, and with all my grandchildren. Pop didn’t get to hold you much that day. When he and your Daddy got back to the room, you woke up and started to fuss. You wanted your mommy!

Pop and I visited with your Mommy and Daddy a little each day that you were in the hospital. Friday late afternoon, Saturday early afternoon, and Sunday evening. I loved holding and cuddling with you. Pop didn’t get to hold you too much those first 3 times we visited, but I made sure that we got pictures of you and him. You are Pop’s first grandson!

Today is Monday, only 3 days since you were born. Your mommy and Daddy are bringing you home from the hospital. We will have our Christmas with you and your mommy and Daddy on Thursday, New Years Day. Pop had a surprise for all of you. Your Pop had bought you, and your little cousin, a little red Santa outfit! Pop also bought you some stocking stuffers and hung a horsey stocking, just for you! Pop also wrote you a letter, and gave you 3 small gifts. A small toy horse, a small John Deere tractor, and a small pony. A small horse because I will teach you how to ride. A small tractor since your Pop will teach you how to drive. And a small pony because we want to buy you and your little cousin a pony!

I’ll need to shop at the baby consignment store. I’ll need to find some cowboy outfits! The best outfits are made of blue jean material . I’ll know I’ll be able to buy blue jean and bib overalls! I’ll have to find some baby clothes with horses on them!

When you have a doctor appointment, I’ll pray all is well and that you are growing fine. We pray that you will be a healthy baby, sleep well, and be content.

I will be able to see you as you grow from a newborn to a toddler. I will be able to hold you and cuddle with you. I won’t be able to do that with your cousin all the time, and that makes me sad. I’ll have to cuddle you twice as much to make up for that! I decided to write this letter to you. I feel better now, knowing that I will get to see you often.
I will call your mommy every now and then and check on you. I hope I can visit you often, see you at ball games, and have you come for picnics and float in our pool. Pop and I can show you the horses, dogs, cats, and any kittens and puppies that we may have.

I love you so much, Grandma

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