Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grandkids Riding Chick

Sara and Makenzie wanted to get Chick out to ride.  Caden spent the night, so he wanted to ride, too!  This would be the first time that Caden would actually ride, not just sit on the horse!  He was excited to help groom and saddle!  (Thank you, Traci, for having him brush Bob!)

 They are waiting at the railing with Pop!

Sara warmed up Chick. (Oops, we forgot to bring her helmet out!)

Caden has his first long ride!  He even trotted and loped a little!

Makenzie wasn't happy waiting, but I told her that it was Caden's very first ride and she gets to ride all the time.

Caden was all smiles!  He ia already a naturally relaxed rider!

Makenzie is riding too!

It wasn't long before she was giggling!

Makenzie even rode Chick by herself and rode in circles. Quite a horse woman at 3 years old!

Grandma just had to get on Chick with Makenzie for 1 picture!  (Sorry I didn't have my helmet!)

1 comment:

mrscravitz said...

So much fun, and sounds just like my house!!!! My grandkids love to Ride Libby and I will ride with the littler ones...It is just so much fun!


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