Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Monday, February 13, 2012

Play Time


Last week went fast.  I sat at the table with my leg wrapped in heat, trying to catch up on paperwork. 

Last Sun-Tue mornings, I could hardly walk.  So, thinking the worse, after talking with friends, I went to the Dr on Thursday, spending the afternoon, ALL afternoon (since I just walked in and they could see me after a short wait), to find out my calf is just badly bruised.  I knew that!  Can't wait to get the Dr bill to find out how much those words cost me.

By Friday, I was feeling very tired of sitting, so went to town.  Amber and the boys went shopping with me, and we went to Amigos for lunch.  Caden hadn't been to our place for a month to sleep over, since we were on vacation and then the first week back, we had a terrible snow storm.  He said he was excited to come to Namas and help Nama get boxes of new toys out.  These were the toys that have been packed aways since his daddy was about 8 or 10!  It was time for Caden to play with something more than the toddler toys.

When we were shopping, we helped to pick out a Valentine gift for Makenzie.  When we pulled into the garage at our house, he asked if Makenzie was here to play too!  (Makenzie, Caden really misses you, and so does Ema and Pop).  (Each of the kids couldn't say Grandma for awhile, and had their own versions, which they still use.

Caden has a twin bed to sleep in now, and I asked him if he was ready to sleep in "his and Makenzie's room".  He said yes, took his stuffed animals, and put them on "his" bed. He said "the other bed is Makenzie's.  When is she coming too?"  I hope this summer, I told him.

Pop came home from work soon after, we all bundled up to go outside and feed horses and dogs, and it was cold Friday late afternoon.  Caden and I stayed in the barn while Pop carried horse grain and fed horses for me.  The last thing I wanted to do was fall on my leg in the snow.

After supper, Pop helped to get down a box. Caden was so excited to find army men and trucks.  The next day, Caden helped me to get down a few more boxes off of the storage shelves.  We found dinosaurs and lots of miniature cars and trucks.  And we found more tractors and implements! I just didn't take pics of all the toys spread out on the carpet, so you will have to imagine the fun!

This box of an army building needs Pop's help to put together!  Caden can't wait to play with it and the army trucks!

Caden had lots of fun and couldn't wait to tell Mommy and Daddy what he played with.  Now if he would just sleep past 6 in the mornings!

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