Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keeping Old Mares Young

Keeping old mares young, and I'm not talking about horses. I'm talking about their female human owners.

Why would I be thinking about this? Because I'm watching a show, an oldie but goodie, The Golden Girls. I just love those girls. They make me laugh!  And they are talking about jokes tonight.

Then I realize, this is a re-run, they must only be in their 60's. And then I realized, I sure don't want to look that old when I am 60!

Some of you might think, "I have a long time before I am 60. Well...let me just say that the 50's are here before you know it, and the 60's can just stay away.

If you are active, you stay young looking.  Lately, maybe the last 5 years, I started, finally, protecting my face from the sun. I love to tan, and I love a tan on my face, but the effects of sun are not a friend of youth.  I have learned to wear a cap ( I thought it was so hot to have a hat on my head). I don't "sun bathe" anymore.  Who would want to see this body in a bikini anyways? I do wear sunscreen when I have to, but  if you have a tan, do you still get negative effects from the sun?

All I can say is the typical cliche. You get better with age!


And I will NOT let the effects of age catch up with me for a long time.

The greatest compliment I have had is that I look longer than I am.

Than I wonder about my broodmares.  Do they look younger than they should?

I can say yes! My broodmares are 16. They look like they are less than 10.

Do I look less than the the horse equivalent of 16? You bet I do!

And I always will!

And so will my horses!


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Yes! I wish to stay young and continue doing what I am happy doing for a long time yet too. I have been told I don't look my age and I am most appreciative of that. If only I could get rid of my gray hair roots.

I don't believe my horses look, or act, their ages either. Only Nadia, in recent years, has begun to look old and she's 28. My Annie is 18 and Scout is 16.

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I'm 51. I'm starting to notice the aging, not only in my face but my body. But I'm determined to fight it. One of my favorite quotes is: "You don't stop playing because you got old. You got old because you stopped playing." So I'm determined to get back to my barrel racing!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

FY, I love hearing that I don't look my age either. No grey hairs yet, but for a while, I'll highlight! LOL

GP, I love that! Don't stop playing! Yes, you can barrel race. Some of the ladies in NE are in their 70's! and doing well!


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