Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DOT # and CDL Requirements

Due to our large horse trailer, and exceeding the 26,001# weight limit, Tom and I are in the process of getting our DOT # and ALL the additional info for CDL license requirements. Oh my goodness, I'm surprised they didn't ask for our first child (sorry, Sara!) lol

(and no, horse trailers with LQ are not a recreational vehichle and shouldn't be registered like hat, sorry, but that is for another discussion, not now, as my brain is going to be fried.)

First, about 3 week ago, we went out to Airpark, Lincoln, and visited with the NE Carrier Enforcement state patrol man.  We left with this packet of info, and many, many sheets to fill out.  We not only need to carry certain info with us, but now we get to expect a visit after 6 months from the Federal guys, so they can inspect our notebook and make sure we are safe and legit!

We have spent the morning, since about 9:30 until now, 4 1/2 hours later, and we have accomplished, on line, getting our DOT #.

We called and got our Driving Reports for each of us, to be sent.

We called the clinic to find out what we have to do for the drug testing, which is just walk in and give a urine sample.

We called Dr offices to schedule an exam as we need a medical card. 

We called to have our truck and trailer inspected, which will be Saturday morning. 

We have a call in to a person to give us a skills test.  Really! Me, who drove a dually with a 6 Horse trailer, really?

We need to go take the CDL test.  Oh no, after reading sample questions, and only getting 2 of the 5 right, I'll need to study.  Do you know what color your turn signal lights are?  Do you know what to inspect on the right front side of your trailer?  and 30 more of these questions.  I need an 80% or better.

We are in the process of printing off paperwork to fill out to send to the Lincoln office of the UCR, Unified Carrier Registration, to register our vehicle as such. They need to know that we exist!

We need to have flares, cones, PROPER fire extinguishers - do you know what class of fire extinguisher is needed? I do now, an ABC, I think, nowI'm confused as there are AB and BC and ABC's. I guess I better go back to school.

I have this check list. A few things are in the works, but only the DOT is checked, BUT I still need to get a sign to put on the truck!

more to come later....
wish me luck! I hope I survive the process. Ask to see the notebook sometime. You will faint. Logs for....driving miles.  Inspection of vehichle before hauling - each time!

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