Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Makenzie and Caden

Makenzie is our almost 20 month old granddaughter who lives in Colorado. Caden is our 19 month old grandson who lives near us in Lincoln. They are so much fun!

We don’t get to see Makenzie as often as I would like. Last year, when she was a baby, it seemed like we were out every other month until Christmas. This year, we only came at Easter, and I was out in June. But Tom “Pop” wasn’t able to make it then. I was traveling back from Steamboat Springs after completing a Centered Riding Instructors Update Clinic. I was staying the weekend at Sara and Jakes, so Jacob and Amber came out for the weekend.

The cousins were together for the first time since Christmas. That was fun to see both grandbabies playing together.

Until this weekend. Tom hadn’t seen Makenzie for 6 months, and it was time to come for a visit! Tom took 2 extra days vacation time, making an extra long holiday weekend,. We are enjoying it! Micah is along and that is fun for Sara to have her brother here.

We were able to leave early enough Thursday to be here for supper and to spend a couple of hours with Makenzie before bed. Sara had to work today, Friday, so Pop, Micah and I got to spoil Makenzie, but her daddy kept an eye on us to make sure we weren’t letting her get away with too much. Lol

Makenzie is a talker! Imagine that with me as her grandma and her “momma’, who also does her share of talking! She babbles on, but I can tell she is telling us something, that’s for sure. Every now and then, a word comes out that we know, and if you listen carefully, you can tell what she is implying. What a vocabulary already.

How many times can we read the same book in 1 day? Night Night is a favorite. She loves books with animals in them. Today, I found all but 1 of her puzzle pieces and we spent some time finding the right spot for those pieces in the correct puzzle.

We went outside and went to the playset.

She and I spent time on the swing and slide while the guys mowed the grass in the front driveway area. Pop weeded her play area while I went up the steps with her, then had her sit at the top of the slide, while I went back down the steps to help her slide down. After a dozen times, we went to see what the guys were doing.

After lunch, Pop laid down to nap. Makenzie thought he should wake up and put on her shoes again. She couldn’t get over that he didn’t have hair on top of his head. Lol She liked patting his back, and belly, too.

We also visited Pody numerous times. Pody doesn't look as fat as he did in June!

I know, I know, she should have had her helmet on. But Uncle Micah was leading her outside to see Pody, and he sat her on bareback while she was petting him. Uncle Micah's hands were holding her the whole time. Pody wanted to follow them around all the time. I think he likes Makenzie as much as she likes him.

But guess what they have out here? Snakes, but just not any snakes, but rattlers! Oh my goodness! Jake said he saw his first, and only one, a couple of weeks ago, while feeding Pody, he heard it move in the grass! Luckily Sara was home and Jake kept an eye on the snake while she got a shovel. Makenzie is not allowed to wander alone, which she never does, but now my eyes are 20’ in front of me.

Makenzie got to ride the tractor with her daddy.

The guys worked on her rabbit hutch while she and I watched. She is going to be raising some markets bunnies, and starting a college fund.

She has a John Deere bicycle and loves it!

Makenzie helped me to work on the computer.

She loved looking at the pictures.

She is suppose to be napping. I’ve drank another cup of coffee, and have had a snack and taking my vitamins. I think I can keep up with her for another couple of hours. I hope so anyways.

I may be ready to sit down tonight, but I sure am loving spending time with my little sweetheart.

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