Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bridle on Duster

Yesterday, I took him, saddled, to the arena and lunged him. There was no buck in him as he took off at the trot, and even when he loped around. He is a little bossy and pushy, but in a pleasant way, and if that is possible, it is possible with this colt. He is gentle, but he just walks through everything. That is about to change. I made him change direction, and to pay attention to me.

Duster had the bridle on for the first time today. I brought him up from the lot, along with another horse to keep him company. I tied them both in their own stall, across the aisle from each other. They could see each other, but they weren’t side by side.

I saddled Duster, and today he was going to stand with the bridle on also. I bridled him with a harness leather headstall with a big, copper D ring bit. I like to have them stand tied, chew on the bit, and get used to it in his mouth. He took the bit easily, chewed once or twice, then just stood there. I left him stand tied an hour, gaining some needed patience while feeling the bit in his mouth.

Today, he lunged with the bridle on. I led him to the outside arena. He just went around like he has been doing this for awhile. He trotted and loped around like a pleasure horse.

He trotted and loped over the logs.

He walked over the bridge.

He didn’t care if the rope was around his legs. The only time he jumped was when he farted and scared himself.

I threw the rope all around him. Over his head. Over the saddle. Behind his legs. He isn’t scared of anything. I guess being a bully, but confident, colt has good points.

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