Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

South Dakota Day 6 Sight Seeing at Crazy Horse

Thursday, August 6, 2010

After our long trail ride to Mt. Rushmore yesterday, today was a day for sightseeing. We decided to go to Hill City to souvenir shop, and on the way, we drove the Needles Highway and saw the Crazy Horse monument.

Oh my goodness, NEVER go on the Needles Hwy with a horse trailer, which we didn‘t. It is tight even with a truck.

We had to go through narrow tunnels of rock. And did I say NARROW? “Pull in the mirrors” narrow! Once we were through the tunnels, there was beautiful scenery. And at one place, as we looked up at the high rocky areas, there were climbers on top of a peak!

Oh my goodness. I could barely take a picture, then had to look away! How did they ever get up there. The only way I could have a picture taken of me was to back up towards the railing, and not look around! I am fine at looking out at heights, but I can not look down.

Arghhh, the symptoms of age, I think. I just can’t look down. And it upsets my system to see other people looking down! What is that all about. I just want everyone to be safe! What if they lean too far over, and fell? My palms start to get clammy thinking about it.

I’ve also seen Cray Horse before, but many years ago. Crazy Horse monument is in the process of being built, and I wonder how long it will take? Fee was $10/person or $27/car. There were 5 of us, so at $5/person, the fee was reasonable. While we were there, there was going to be a blasting, which I have never seen. At one in the afternoon, they gave a warning. There was a loud blast as the dynamite went off,

followed by smoke.

We didn’t see rock sliding. But I felt like I was part of American History.

The museum was wonderful, with details on many of the ancestors of the American Indian. I bought a piece of horse hair pottery. I discovered horse hair pottery when I was researching that idea last fall, after Finny died. I have yet to send some of his hair to be made into a piece of pottery. But now seeing how beautiful and unique each piece is, I am ready. His tail has been laying in an area in my basement, and now I think I’m ready to do something with it. It’s hard to part with it, but I know when I get back the pieces that I’m planning on having made, I’ll be glad. Bitter sweet idea, sad and glad at the same time. But as I know when I ride the horse that I am riding, Finny will always be with me, if I have a braided item hanging on the bridle or breast collar.

There were other pieces that I could have bought. A rug that would have been perfect for my horse trailer. A Tim Cox painting of running horses. But this piece of pottery has a special meaning. A double meaning. To me. And to the memory of Finny.

I told Dianna that night, as we were sitting alone at the campfire, that I felt a peace as we entered each Indian museum or art gallery. I must have some Indian blood in me. My dad’s grandfather had that dark brown black skin, especially by late summer, as well as my dad’s uncles. To see my dad in the middle of summer, with that dark skin, he looked Indian. He has high cheeks and a wide nose. I have always felt drawn to the Indian way of life. I have always wanted to be on the Indian side as I watched a movie.

As I entered these museums and art rooms that had Indian artifacts, I felt a peace that quieted my whole soul. If I ever find that I have no Indian blood in me, then Mother Nature is calling out to me. I understand the Indian way, and maybe that is what is most important. I should have bought a tape of the music. Soothing to the soul.

We also toured Willow Creek campground. I felt that this equestrian campground had areas that would have been hard to park large horse trailers, as well as trying to find the room to get the horse trailers off the side of the road. With steep roads into some of the camping areas, I could not have gotten my 3 horse trailer up and into the area.

We are not seeing as much wildlife as I thought we would see. Today, we did see a group of 3 bucks, with antlers heavy with velvet. We also saw 2 flocks of turkeys, with many young following them.

I’m still hoping for a sighting of some elk. But maybe the highlight will be those buffalo herds, which will stay in my memory forever.

How peaceful is geese on a lake?

When we got back to camp, dark clouds were overhead, and we had a few rain drops.

We had perfect weather all week. Just perfect!

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