Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 10 The Sandhills at Halsey Nebraska

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday morning. Another week. Last week in Nebraska was high 90’s, with a higher heat index. The beginning of this week, we are in the low 80’s. Perfect trail riding weather once again! But it won’t last long. By the weekend, we are to be back in the 90’s and humidity.

We had breakfast, and you will never guess what we saw. At least a 5’ bull snake. My friend, Tammy from would have been on top of her truck at the moment we yelled snake! LOL It slithered away faster than I could grab my camera, but it went away into this grass.

I’ve never ridden in the sand hills near Halsey. They are beautiful. A different kind of beauty than what I am used to though. This is wide open spaces as compared to the rocky hills of South Dakota. Here we can see forever. There we could see forever too, but only at the top of the ridges. Lots of sandy hills here, as compared to the tree lined hills in the northwest.

Both places have certain things in common. Both have terrain that can wear out your horse. The sandy hills and valleys stretch forever and give a workout to the horse’s legs. The steep, Black hills give a cardiovascular workout to the horse too!

Then there is the bright blue sky. Lots of sky. Quiet nights. And a calmness that only being out there with your horse can give you.

Even though I want trees around me, the openness of the sand hills has an appeal that is hard to explain. I wouldn’t want to live there, but there is an openness that for someone who loves the country, you are drawn to the space.

I would miss the trees. The sandy hills and valleys give an indication of hillsides. With the rain that we have had this year, the vegetation is green.

And it is plentiful this year. I’m sure in another couple of months, this land will look very brown. But for now, there is green grass, trees, and water!

We rode for 2 ½ hours, following the route of the windmills and cattle paths. We rode almost 5 miles, from the flat grassland up and down the sandy hills. We came upon a group of cattle among some trees, and all of the horses did well with the cows milling around us. Later on, a group of cattle moved into the trees and out of sight of the horses. The horses weren’t sure what to make of the windmills that they could see in the distance though. The horses sure did watch them, as the windmills were working due to the breeze.

Just as we were getting back to camp, a light rain was starting to fall. The other 2 riders wanted to rest and maybe have an early evening ride. I decided to pack and come home. And I’m glad I did, as it rained during the night and all the next day.

Once home, I was jet lagged and exhausted. I think it was just because I was home and could unwind. Hubby met me as I pulled into the driveway. He helped me carry in dirty clothes, and empty coolers, and the little bit of food from the frig. It was nice to have help doing that, and it only took about ½ hour. That saved me from doing it alone the next day, and it would have taken me all day to accomplish! As it was, the cooler with some water bottles, that I had filled and froze for drinking water, stayed at the back door for a few days. I wanted to dump out the water and refill with fresh water and freeze again, ready for the next trip.

How come you can go and go and go when you are away, and the minute that you are home, you are exhausted for days? I work at home now, so I didn’t have to go somewhere to work, thank goodness. I will always take the next day off, though, after coming home from a trip. All I could do Tuesday was wash clothes, and I did get them folded by evening. Oh, and changed sheets as I’m sure hubby hadn’t done that over the last 11 days, and I think it was a part of a week before I left when I last changed sheets. Oh, and I blogged a little. I have really missed being able to blog. I’m not sure what we had for supper though.

Wednesday was a little better, I think. It‘s vaguely in my memory. I think I cleaned a toilet and a shower. I think I paid some bills online. I know I went through mail and threw most of it away, as it was mostly junk mail. I know I haven‘t been in my horse trailer for 2 days now. I had a large salad with baked chicken fillets cut up on it. I figure I better dose myself my vitamins and minerals and greens!

It’s Thursday, and I‘m starting to feel normal. I had an early, 7 am lesson. I made it through it with minimal yawns. I rode with my lesson, put the mares up, and came in for more coffee. I did start my multivitamin again. I read where you should take your vitamin in the afternoon when you start to feel tired. It works! I’m almost feeling normal again.

I’m finishing my blogs for the week in SD. I’m back to the Nebraska humidity. I hope it gets cooler soon. Today is 94! I’m missing the 80’s with no humidity!

Just as a remember the lovely scenery and trees of the South Dakota Hills, these Black Eye Susans (I think) make a pretty picture among the sand hills.

And how could you forget the view of the sand hills and windmills.

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