Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NE Horse Expo is Over

The Nebraska Horse Expo is over for another year. My tack store vendor area was a success. And not only is Expo done for another year, but this may have been the last year for me as a vendor. I am closing the store in 2 weeks. I say may, as I still have so much more product to sell. I might have to box up everything, and have vendor booths at shows, and if it doesn’t all sell, I may be back to Expo next year!

This is my 2nd day at home after Expo, and I need the rest. I was brain dead yesterday. I didn’t get much accomplished. But that could also be from the noise of home renovations and the smell of varnish. Our living room hardwood floors went in last week, and they are being sanded and varnished this week. I will be so glad when everything is done and the home is put back together again. I do see the end!

I will also be glad when the boxes are unpacked at the store. I get to unpack and reorganize what didn’t sell at Expo. I will have continued store specials for 2 more weeks. Then, I’ll get to box up what doesn’t sell and bring home. I’m sure I’ll be bringing some items home! I suppose my summer will have me setting up a booth at some horse shows!

Now it’s time to get caught up on paperwork from last week. I did get bills paid yesterday and that is always a good feeling! Lol! I need to put in some sales, process a few new inventory special orders, and work on taxes.

I need to start working on my spring training and lesson schedule. It will soon be time to think exclusively about horses! I’m ready to get back to teaching Centered Riding exercises. I’m ready to trail ride. And I’m definitely ready to get this blog back to writing about horses and what I’m doing with horses.

Once again, come along on the ride with me. I promise it won’t be too long now!

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