Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Vendor Booth, Messick Tack & Feed, at the 2009 Nebraska Horse Expo

Nebraska Horse Expos just keep getting better and better! Featuring nationally known clinicians: Ken McNabb, Julie Goodnight, Richard Shrake, and, for the first time in Nebraska, The Magical World of Dancing Horses! Featuring Dianne Olds Rossi.

The Nebraska Horse Expo is a big event here in eastern Nebraska. National clinicians, vendors selling horse related product, a horse barn full of different breeds of horses, round pen demos by local trainers, and topics by veterinarians and farriers. 3 days of clinics, Parade of Breeds, demonstrations, a youth rodeo on Friday night, and a Saturday evening of entertainment by the clinicians.

This year was full of clinicians and horses. Gentle horse training by Ken McNabb.

Dancing horses of Dianne Olds Rossi.

Natural Riding by Julie Goodnight.

Resistance Free Training by Richard Shrake.

Common Sense Jumping by Camie Stockhausen.

A demo by the Omaha Mounted Police.
(Pictured are some of the product in the store)
Once again, I missed most of the events. I spent 2 months planning, going to the Denver Market in January to order and purchase new product, checking in and pricing new product, repacking t-shirts, purses, clothes, night lights, and packing store items that are already in the store. My vendor booth kept me busy. I packed up items in the store, set up racks and tables at the Expo, and spent a day setting up the booth. Even with 3 friends helping, I only found a short time to walk with Tom to see the horse barn and the other vendor displays.

I presented a round pen demo on Outfitting the Rider and Trail Horse. I talked about appropriate tack for the trail rider, including Tex Tan endurance saddles, Classic Equine and Mayatex saddle pads, and Reinsman and Down Under breast collars. I shared ideas for what to wear, including Ariat boots, Kerrit breeches, and JPC Equestrian and Kerrit jackets. Layering windproof and waterproof items are a must. I showed some accessory tack, like saddle bags, water bottle carriers, and horn and cantle bags.

The greatest event that happened for me at the NE Horse Expo was that my family was all together since 2 of the kids had babies in December! What a treat! 2 new grandbabies! And I got to dress them in cute new western clothes!

Packing the trailer, unloading at Expo, setting up a display, then 12 hours later the display is almost ready. Finishing touches on setting up Friday morning, 2 ½ days of selling product in my vendor booth, and ready to pack up again. 2 hours of packing, 2 hours of unloading, and a week of putting the store back together again.

Expo is fun. I visit with a lot of friends from my seat in my vendor booth. Next year my goal is to see the Saturday night entertainment and to walk all of the horse barn and non-profit area. Next year, I plan on seeing some of the clinicians. Next year, I will help to plan Expo once again!
Watch for details for the 2010 Nebraska Horse Expo!

Enjoy some pics of my store, Messick Tack & Feed!


Reddunappy said...

Wow what a booth! lots of work, I used to love that stuff when I worked in the industry! Still do but I just get to shop now!

Reddunappy said...

The store looks great too! I love love that stuff!

Brenda said...

thanks, Reddunappy. Actually, the only picture of the vendor area is the one with my family, and we are facing away from my booth! My booth was pretty big, 20x30. And still stuffed - I can't help myself...I like to fill every free space! The pics of product are from my store. But I did have more than 1/2 of those saddles at the Expo!


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