Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Horses are part of our Dreams!

When we are excited about something, then we should try to do it. Sure, we have to take into consideration time, money, and ability. But why is it that, when we are excited about doing something, some people are along on the ride and other people see the negatives of what we are trying to do? Why would you want to ride all day? Why work in the barn that late? Why get up so early to go to a show? Why ride in that heat?

We should try to indulge our dreams. Definitely! We need to have something to work for and to work towards. But we can’t always be working, we need to work on achieving that dream. I’ve talked before about goals, and maybe that is what our dreams have turned into. Dream and set goals!

Our choices do change our lives. Sometimes, we do need to change what we are doing and go on a different course for our lives. Or maybe the same course, just a different route. I will always be on a course with horses, but I will let life change that course for me. Anyways, that will add some excitement! Look forward to change!

Horses definitely direct the paths that we take. Our decisions are based on what we need to do with our horses. I’ve told lots of non-horse friends and family that I’ll have to check my calendar to see what I’m doing with the horses! That was so true when the kids were home and we showed all spring, summer, fall, and part of winter!

Do we need to make it big to fill fulfilled? I used to think that, but I don’t think so anymore. We are fulfilled when we truly enjoy what we are doing! I now feel, or at least I’m starting to feel, more fulfilled than I have for a lot of years. Busy does not make us fulfilled. Enjoying what we are doing makes us fulfilled. Accomplishing something makes us fulfilled. Being happy and content makes up fulfilled.

I have never had hoof beats in my head, but I have felt the heartache when I haven’t had horses. I have felt that heartache when my dad was going to sell my pony. I have felt that heartache when I just wanted to give up and sell all my horses. Who wanted to work that hard anyways? To train, ride, give lessons for 12 hours or more a day, not have time for your own horses, and do it in all types of weather, from below zero to humid 100’s. But when I thought of the alternative, I had a heartache, knowing that if I did what I was thinking, I would be sad for a long time.

Passion? Yes, to do all of this, you must have passion. Something that is actually hard to put into words. A burning desire. A need. To give yourself to an animal that will love you back unconditionally. Give of yourself to an animal that you need to care 100% for. Something that fulfills you and makes you who you are. Without horses in our lives, who would we be? Who would care for the horses that are part of my life? Would they have existed without me?

I am who I am because of horses. I can’t help it. And I won’t make allowances for it anymore. People can just accept me for who I am and get along with me or they don’t need to be part of my life.

Horses have shaped me and have molded my mind. They control my thoughts. My feelings. My decisions. Horses have taught me to think and react the way that they do. Horses have taught me to be true and honest. Horses have taught me to show how it is! No grey areas. Horses have taught me to bite and kick when something is irritating, yet nuzzle withers with their best friend.
What would I be like and who would I be without horses? Would my life be fulfilled? I don’t think so, as it makes me sad and depressed to think about selling everything, get a 9-5 job, and not have horses. I might enjoy not having chores for awhile, but what would I do when I come home? What would I do with free time? Now, that is a thought!

Horses are a part of my life as much as anything can be. I couldn’t breath without knowing that I could look out my window and see the horses. I don’t need to do something with them at that moment, but I need to know that they are there.

To keep horses in my life, I did stay home and raise 3 kids. I taught riding lessons, I trained, I raised some colts, and I took my kids to shows. I was extremely busy spring and summer, slowed down in the fall, and just about had winters off. I took the days off that I had to, and then I rode weekends, and Sundays (but very few) when I had to. I did kept Sundays as family day, and did no lessons that day. I tried not to show horses that were for sale on Sundays either. I needed a day for me.

I set my own schedule, I worked hard when I had to, I rode horses all day. I guess you don’t know what you have until you don’t have it anymore! But I thing that I just realized is that I stayed home so that I could ride, train, and give lessons.

But now my life is taking a different course. I want to always have horses in my life. But I don’t want to work as hard. I want to come home and have time for my horses. I don’t want to be in the barn until 9 every night. I want to still teach riding to those who want to learn from me, but I don’t want to have every night filled with lessons. I want to have time to sit back and relax and enjoy my horses. I want to ride my young horses and make them better. I want to trail ride more. And I want to share my love of horses with my young grandchildren.

Life is definitely on a different course for me. I am excited to ride on that trail! I‘m dreaming a different dream! My goals have changed. I’m taking more time for what is important!
Come along on the ride with me! Let’s dream together!

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