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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Caden and Makenzie meet for the first time

March 13, 2009. Two grandbabies meet for the first time.

Caden lives here in Lincoln, NE, 30 minutes from us. Makenzie lives near Ft Collins, CO, 7 ½ hours away. The grandbabies are now 2 ½ -3 months old. Makenzie is 2 weeks older than her cousin. She is petite and is a little socialite already! Caden is stocky and loves cuddling.

Finally, they meet each other, they meet their aunt and uncle, and the family is all together for the first time since the babies are born.
Brenda with Makenzie, Tom with Caden, Jake and Sara, Micah, and Jacob and Amber

I was busy that weekend with the NE Horse Expo (that I will blog about next). Sara said she would come home to help me, but I think she wanted to show the baby off!

Friday, Sara and Jake are at Expo in the afternoon, and Jacob and Amber was able to come to Expo after Jacob was done with work. When I saw them, the moms were holding each other’s babies! I wanted to be part of the circle of my children, but I had to be in my vendor booth. So I watched from the booth. The "moms" were smiling at the babies. The "dads" were joking and laughing with each other. The younger brother, Micah, joined in with a girlfriend. That youngest son sure is good with the babies. He sure does hold and play with them well. He is only 21 and they are barely 3 months old.

Jacob, Caden and Amber

Tom came home Saturday afternoon to help Jake load hay into their trailer. Jacob came home to help. Sara and Amber were able to let the babies play on the floor.

Oh, I wished they would have videotaped this. The 2 grandbabies laying side by side for the first time.

Makenzie looks over at Caden.

She reaches out her arm. She touches him on the ear.

She must have pulled his ear or scratched him. He begins to frown, really large! He cries.

She gets very large eyes and she cries. The babies have never heard another baby cry! Caden begins to cry even louder. Makenzie begins to cry even louder than Caden.

Pop takes pictures until the babies start crying!

Why wasn’t someone videotaping this for Grandma?

Makenzie is beating up on her cousin while she can. I’m sure in a few years she is going to be the ring leader or he is going to be knocking her down! I can‘t wait to be there to find out. In the meantime, the grandbabies sleep when they can and get a lot of cuddling at other times!


Nosnikta said...

BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!!!!! Omg.. how cute! I want to squeeze Caden. I love chubby little boys lol!

brenda said...

THANKS! I laugh every time I see those pics! It is SOOOO much fun being a grandma, I LOVE IT!!! Every baby is cute, but my heart just swells when I see those 2!!!

Nosnikta said...

Oh, no doubt! They are gorgeous! And I love the expressions lol. McKenzie is gonna be ornery like her grandma!!!!! HA!

Nosnikta said...

OOps.... "Makenzie"!

Brenda said...

LOL! you know it! but atleast I will be ornery with her! ha!!! Don't you just love Caden's big smile at the end of the post? Especially after that big pout? LOL I don't know if Tom knew what to do with him! LOL

Nosnikta said...

YEP! That gives ME a big grin too! Tom looks like he's having fun being grand-dad too. You two are very blessed!

It will be a fun adventure watching them grow together. :-)

Tammy said...

I love the first picture of Tom and the babies! It looks like he is scolding Caden! LOL!

Brenda said...

I thought Tom was probably thinking...oh, no, he is starting to pout...what do I do???
I just had a visit from Caden and mom today! He is such a happy boy. His grin is ear to ear, and he makes me smile!


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