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Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Makenzie's Baptism

March 8, 2009.
A special day for our special girl.
Makenzie Ruth’s baptism.

What a doll at 3 months old! Makenzie is named after a very special relative, my Grandma Ruth. 3 generations now share my Grandma’s name as their middle name… me, my daughter Sara, and her daughter, Makenzie.

I was given a lacey dress when I was born. The story that I wrote to put in Makenzie’s baptism book about the dress is printed below. Sara and Jake asked all of the relatives to write something special about what they want to tell Makenzie when she graduates high school. They will present her with this book at her graduation party.

My mother gave me the dress when Sara was going to be baptized. Sara wore the dress when she was 1 month old. Now Makenzie has continued the tradition. At 3 months old, she looked like an angel this morning. I hope she is the first of many granddaughters to wear the dress. I wonder what we should do for the grandsons??? My grandma Ruth has told me that all babies, both boys and girls, wore long cotton gowns until they were one year old. I wonder if anyone has one of these old gowns. I wonder if anyone would let me put an old gown on their baby boy! I highly doubt it, so Pop will have to come up with something for the grandsons!!!

To Makenzie Ruth on her Baptism Day

Your Baptism Dress is dress that your Grandma wore as a baby. Great Grandma Chittester said that a neighbor, Viola Brown who lived across the street, brought this dress for me when I was born in 1958. Today, the dress is 50 years old. (I’m sure that with 3 older brothers, and living on a farm, I didn’t get to wear this dress very often). Your mommy wore the very same dress on her baptism day, November 1982, when she was a month old. Your Great Great Grandma Ruth is pictured holding your mommy in this dress. Just like you, your mommy and I have Great Great Grandma Ruth’s name as our middle name. Grandma Ruth told me that all babies, both girls and boys, wore dresses until they were a year old. Grandma Ruth was very kind and loved all children, and I’m sure she would love to be here today, and holding you too. I’m sure she is smiling down from heaven.

I put the dress away in a cedar chest. The dress is now yellowed, with a few stains, but can be worn with love. You are the first granddaughter, of hopefully many, that will wear this dress on their baptism day. This is a very special dress for a very special girl on a very special day. I love you bunches, Grandma

“The Baptism Dress”
The old dress, yellowed with age,
50 years old, from the past,
Fragile, delicate, gauze lace.
Worn for God, in His House, on a special day,
Loved ones, present and in Heaven,
Looking down on your angelic face.
Worn for family, now a heirloom,
A dress for future babies, and like you,
I wish for you God’s blessings and grace.


Baptism Dress Mom said...

She looks adorable in her Baptism dress!

brenda said...

thanks!!! I am sure having a great time with my first grandbabies! I will always hold this day special in my heart as Makenzie was the first grandchild to wear my dress.

Tammy said...

This made me tear up... darn you! :)

Brenda said...

I think of my Grandma every time I read this! I think Makenzie will always be special to me as she shares my Grandma's name. When we were home from CO, and on Monday, I was thinking of the baptism, I told Tom, "I am the same age my Grandma was when my mom had me". I think that is special too.


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