Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Weather is for Riding

Time to get back to riding the Arabs and the Quarter Horses.  I'm still thinking of what name I should be using now.  I'm thinking Messick Quarter Horses & Arabian Performace and Endurance Horses.  I'll be having my website updated over the next few months, so I need to decide.

The Arabs,


I just love her head!

Bonita when I first got her,

and under saddle.  She is so smooth.

Shaggy, just love his trot!  He is for sale now.


Duke is fun to ride. Fantastic lope!

Duke as a 3 year old.  I need to get him back to looking like this, but he is 15 now, so we'll see.

And Sox, the 12 year old Arab gelding that I bought for the fall trail rides and CTR's. 
I can't wait to do the next to Open CTR's on him.  I decided to get him as he is more seasoned than Allie, and I can work on me this yearto go the distance.  Allie will be ready next year!

I hope you are getting some fall rides in too!  The wind isn't blowing as much as the last 2 days, so I should get a few rides in today!

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