Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's about Time

It's about time to blog again. I just haven't had the motivation, or time, or topics to blog about. Well, about horses anyways. I could have kept blogging about the grandkids. But I should throw in things about horses every now and then.

I think we all are complaining about how hot and humid this summer was. Oh my goodness, just a week ago, last Wed, Thur and Friday was in the mid 90's, and humid plus!!!  Then all of a sudden, the weekend turned to a pleasant high70's - 80's.  We have had a perfect week, same temps, NO humidity, lovely afternoon and evening hours.

Just about perfect, except I ended up with a head cold. Little bit of a thick throat, then sniffles, now nothing, until night time! Then it's a head cold again. I hope the wine that I'm drinking helps. Otherwise, I've sworm that Baileys does wonders when you have the flu.  And if I have too many more of these evenings, I'm opening up that bottle that I bought last winter, and forgot about, and just found about a month ago!

(oops, hit send instead of save. Oh well.)

What I have done is finally got the momentum back. I'm ready to ride, compete in a few CTR's, and maybe go to another Centered Riding Clinic. I've decided to have a few more dressage lessons this fall.

I love riding Shaggy now, my horse I'll ride in Centered Riding Clinics, and Dressage lessons.  And I think I'll start desensitizing him to all thoses things that you need to do at trail challenges.

I say now, because I've always liked Shaggy, from the time he was a baby to a yearling, to a 2 year old. He was never an ugly yearling, like so many yearlings are.  But love. Sometimes Love is learned.

I love his quiet ways. I love his gentleness. I love how he wants to be a friend to all horses. Boy, can't we all learn from him?  Why can't everyone see the good in people like he does?

wow, this topic wasn't going to take this turn, but I guess my thoughts are on Shaggy tonight. I need to do right by him. I need to ride him as well as he rides for me.  I need to give him that chance to be an incredible horse.

And he already is.

His loping is incredible. Maybe next year when I read in my next CR instructor's update, they will see the improvement in how he carries himself.  He does carry himself well and it's up to me to show him all that he can be.

Hang in there with me, Shaggy. Sometimes, I feel like it's just you and me against the world. If we need to ride and strive for perfection to prove ourselves, then we will!!!

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Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I was also thinking I should throw something in about horses! You've got the grandkids on your mind. I have the house selling and house buying on my mind. Either way it's our baby, lol. But I should get back to riding, like you. I know it'll make everything better.


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