Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Desensitizing Horses

I've desensitized my horses to pigs! And it actually wasn't that hard to do. They were more curious than scared, except the old show horse! LOL  Now, my 4 month old foals are used to their snorting and running to get their feed when we feed them.

The other day, one of the 6 pigs got into the lot were my stud was. I thought, oh no, that pig is going to get beat on. But you know what happened... nothing! 

I found that pig under some hay, and Duke was standing on the other side of the pen. I fed Duke his grain, Tom opened up the gate, and I "tried" to herd that pig out the gate. That pig went everywhere but where I wanted to send him. At one point, while the pig and I was running around, that pig clipped me, like my Aussie used to do when she was young, and I fell. I almost went pig riding, because as I lost my balance, I was almost on top of that pig!

Then the pig finally went towards the open gate. But as he got closer to Duke while he was eating his grain. I thought, this isn't good, as sometimes Duke kicks out while he is eating. But Duke didn't care if that pig and I were running around the pen, and he sure didn't care when that pig ran under his belly, twice! First he went one way, then that darn pig turned around and came back under Duke's belly. I think I have a trail challenge horse!

These pigs should be getting fat enough, really soon, where they can't get under pen panels, or through them! I sure don't want them eating horse tails!

Other areas that I'm thinking of desensitizing my horses to, this month:

I just bought a really cheap, plastic shower curtain. I want to attach it to a long 2 x 2, and cut it into strips, then hang it somewhere for the horses to walk through. I figured I'll use feed as an incentive, so they know not to be scared. I will also lay a tarp down, and put their feed on the tarp. My horses are always looking for how they can eat more!

So, what are some of the "different" things that you have desensitized your horse to? And how will you do this?

I chat and discuss a lot of these topics on my chat, Horses Are Our Lives chat group. Click here to get an invite. I look forward to your input!


5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Brenda....Can you believe it's almost October!!! It's suppose to rain here on Tuesday.
When I was showing horse for trail, They had a goose in a box ( the goose could pop his head out), next to a little bridge.....their were a few horses that didn't get across. Salty, gathered himself and jumped the whole dang thing.....I just held on. I was a teenager so it was a lot easier back then...LOL

Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

Funny. I can just picture that!

Today I fed one of my horses out of the back of the stock trailer because he's not a great loader. I went inside and banged on the metal partition while he was eating. First he walked away. Then he had second thoughts and came back and finished his grain.


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