Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Last 2 Weeks

I haven't posted in awhile. I wonder why. This has been my last 2 weeks. And I have loved it.
We went to get Makenzie at the end of July, to bring her back to NE with us. We were to babysit her for the first week of August, but that was our County Fair, so she had to come home to help.

Before we left, we needed to have our nails done.

We cooked a fantastic roast, along with potatoes!

Makenzie wanted to groom Pody, and said goodbye. (Yes, I know, she hopped on without her helmet.)

The first morning, I had a lesson, so Makenzie got to ride Chick first.

Then we went to play with Cousin Caden and his water slide!

Caden came to spend the night, and we did chores together. It was a very warm day when we did chores. They were troopers!

 I just love these shots of the 2 cousins holding hands!

They crashed at bed time.

The next mornign we fed the pigs, and just had to pet them.

and we sat on Chick, (I know, no helmets again, but I promise, we always wea helmets when we ride!)

Caden helped Pop with the hose, and wondered where the water was. This reminded me of the time that my dad turned the water on Uncle Micah, when he was holding the hose, and waiting, and waiting, and looked into the hose, at the time Gpa was waiting for. LOL

The highlight of the day was sitting on the tractor with Pop!

I have no idea what Pop told them, as Caden was looking for something and Makenzie was laughing!

And this was only the first 2 days!

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