Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

To Ride or Not to Ride

I just spent 3 days at our State 4-H Show in Grand Island, Nebraska. 500 kids. Over 1000 horses. I set up a tack booth. Mornings were cool. Afternoons were hot! When the sun went down, evenings were fine.

I left Grand Island Tuesday when it was 91 degrees. 2 hours later, when I arrived in Lincoln at my store, it was 93 degrees. With my husband’s help, it only took an hour to unload the trailer! We at least parked in shade to unload. But by the time I got home, and Tom and I finished chores, I was tired.

Today, the morning started out cool. I thought… today is cooler, and I can go on the Platte River Riders Ride tonight! Noon time was only 81. Looking good! I came home from the store and spent 1 ½ hours mowing. Now it’s 3, and mid 80’s. Not too bad, a little warm, but I’m sweating a little. I think the humidity is rising!

I needed to wait for the Direct TV repair man. He was suppose to be here at 3, but arrived at 3:20. OK…I can still make the ride. Temp seems to be warmer. Within minutes, the repair man determines that we are only getting 9% of the reception, when 50-60% is normal! It seems that my tree cutting happy husband has cut the wrong branches. I thought, “oh great, what is this costing me?” But we have free service. Yeah!

Temps seem warmer. Both the repairman and I are sweating. Riding doesn’t seem so great now. Repair man leaves and I call Tammy. I told her that I am wimping out and staying home.

I came into the house to cool down. Thermometer says 88 degrees! Relaxing and swimming sounds nicer than rushing to get a horse and tack loaded, trailering for 45 minutes, and sweating while I brush and saddle. I decided that I was too tired to do all the prep work to ride, haul, tack up, and ride. I wanted to relax.

So I downed a swim suit, called my son to tell him that I was home and they could come swim. I wanted to see my grandbaby, Caden. I was suppose to babysit him tonight, and that got changed to tomorrow night. So he came to swim with Grandma.

I was a lot cooler tonight than I would have been!!! Even though it seemed liked a lovely night to ride, I was just too tired to trailer. Maybe when it is cooler….like in Sept and Oct!

I missed the ride. But I had a fun time swimming and watching Caden eat his oatmeal after the swim!

Next time, I’ll ride. Come along on the ride with me.

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