Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Do you have a Golden Horse"

Horse listening posted this today:


“Do you have a Golden Horse? You can spot him from a mile away.

He is “golden” because of his heart of gold. This is the horse that takes care of you even more than you take care of him. You know you can rely on him to not spook, not get unnerved and let you enjoy what it was you set out to do. In fact, it seem that he  enjoys his job even more than you do! 

If you have a Golden Horse, you will soon realize how lucky you are. You will never want to part with him. Because as you learn and grow through his graciousness, you realize how much you are benefiting from him, and how much he is giving you. Every ride becomes a gift and every workout is easy because of his willing nature. You become the rider of your dreams because he lets you!

Although that calm generosity can be learned by good training, upkeep and handling, some horses are just “born that way.” So, for all the Golden Horses out there, here is a poem of gratitude.”


(by the Horse Listener)

The Golden Horse


Interested ears forward pricked,

patiently waiting through soft velvety nose-kisses,

the Golden Horse 

loves the grooming attention;

two hours of brushing, polishing and wiping

with nary a fuss but more like a sweet relaxation

reminiscent of a day at the spa.


Solidly standing for the mount,

quietly ambling the first strides

into 100% effort.

Team player to the point

Of two becoming one.


Reciprocal listening, flickering ears back and forth,

gives and takes and loose flowing backs,

seamless communication seemingly telepathic,

mindreading  aids and signals, snorts and strides,

bounces and swings -

there is no better synergy 

than when two combine.


Patiently waiting through your confusion,

Kindly caring through less-than-perfect risk-taking,

he is the ultimate teacher

in your quest to grow.


One of a kind.

OK… now granted… not every horse acts this way with his owner… but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a connection. If you ride your horse, and care for your horse, there is a connection!

My Golden Horses.... when I was a child, I had Jennifer, my welsh cross pony for many years. 18 years ago, Starlet was one of my first foals I raised. 7 years ago, Finny was my 1st competition horse. Last year, Bonita bonded with me as I rode her. Now I have Allie who I feel a strong connection with.” 

This poem struck a nerve.

I've had a few "Heart" horses during different times of my life.... my youth, one of the first foals I raised, my first horse I rode a lot after the kids got done showing, now during my competition years. I think we need to share our heart with many horses... to get over "horse ache". I could only get over Finny after I knew I had to share my heart with another horse.... and Rushcreek Allie seems to be doing that with her quiet and gentle way with me...

 “Caring” yes, I care for my horse…. And I know my horse cares enough for me to take care of both of us when times get tough.   

Yes, my horse is a teacher…. I learn so much from all my horses…. As they teach me to share my heart.  My “heart” horses teach me how unselfish they are.  They give willingly.   

“He is “golden” because of his heart of gold. This is the horse that takes care of you even more than you take care of him.”   

Finny was my horse that had a heart of gold.  I wished I could say they he still has a heart of gold, but he has been gone for 4 years now.  He took care of me more than I took care of him, as he completed a CTR then went down with a fatal colic the minute I stepped off of him, with no prior notice.  I will always be sad/sorry/angry/anguish/angry with myself/hurt/sadden/ and every emotion you can think you could have when your horse/best riding partner/the one who knows you/ and the one who you know… dies.  It is a very sad time of your life. It took me 2 years to get over him, and another year to understand it, and another year to realize this happens to a lot of horses… BUT I will never understand why this tragic death had to happen to Finny.  He was a wonderful horse and would have gone on to teach a lot of kids how to ride.  I’ll always be sad about the way he had to die.  That makes me so sad.  And it always will.

But I came to the realization that I couldn’t keep the love of horses buried.  I needed to keep the love alive.  What horse could I love?  Do I love all the horses I have equally?  Would that take too much of my energy?  My heart?

“One of a Kind”

There are many horses that are one of a kind.  Do they all become our heart horse No.  But the ones that do… they are one of a kind.

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