Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Virginia's Joke

I am riding with my friend Virginia to KC for our CTR convention. We left at 6 this morning! So we have talked about everything!!! She talks more than me, imagine that! LOL

Virginia shared a joke that she has heard before. In her own words, the story goes… “Some city slickers, from up north, a husband and wife, went down to Texas on vacation. They decided to go on a trail ride. The wrangler asked them if they want to ride English or Western. The couple didn’t understand what the difference was. The wrangler explained the difference. The English saddle doesn’t have a horn but the western saddle does. So the wife decided that she would ride English. She said that the traffic shouldn’t be bad enough that she would need a horn.”

Laugh, laugh, laugh!!! But I do think there are city people out there that would say this! I really do. Someday I will post all the one liners that I have heard over the years! Classic!

Enjoy the story! I will smile all day today as I think about it!


Tammy said...

Tell Virginia the three of us need to go riding and see who really talks the most!

brenda said...

I will! She is such a hoot! Her horseback riding stories are hilarious. That would be funm to ride together!


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