Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Monday, November 24, 2008

We Love Our Horses because...

Starlet and Duster, May 2008

There are many reasons that I love horses. I have a lot of memories. Life was slower and simplier when we were kids, so I think we had more time to play then kids today. I think my first memories were of my brother, sister, and friends riding our ponies. I remember racing my brother to a tree out in the field, around the tree, and then back to the barn. We did fine racing to the tree, around the tree, and back to the barn, UNTIL the ponies didn't stop. They made a sharp L turn on the gravel driveway, and headed to the barn. I fell off onto the gravel. Ouch! I rode my pony to ball practice. I rode my horse to deliver newspapers! My pony had a foal and I raised my first baby. I loved sitting in the manger and watching my pony eat. I loved riding my pony, and later, my first horse, to the trails. I remember riding by myself all the time, through the hills and trees. Today, I prefer riding in a hilly, forest area. I taught my 3 children and husband to ride. My children grew up with the responsibility of caring for their horses and riding and practicing for events. Now they are responsible adults because of horses in their lives.

Why do I love horses? I love horses because they are honest and they let you know exactly how they feel. I love their smell. I love how a mare nickers to her young foal. I love riding a collected lope. I love loping in the fields and watching the horse perk his/her ears, anticipating a run. I love it when the horse walks up to you and wants you to rub its head. And most important, I love horses since, because of horses, I have wonderful friends!

Riding with friends at Ft. Rob, NE June 2008

Why do you love horses?

Come along on this memory ride with me! Brenda


Gretchen said...

why do I love horses???

b/c they teach me so much! b/c I never stop learning from them.

b/c they make me laugh. b/c they make me cry.

b/c on my worst days, they know it and they come over and drop their heads in my laps to offer comfort

b/c on my best days, they take me for the ride of my life-gallpping across the bean field or loping around the arena

b/c there is nothing better in life than the sound of a herd of happy horses eating and the smell of horse in the barn

b/c they are such incredible works of God's creation

b/c they are a mystery and a surprise

b/c they trust and forgive

And i could go on and on, but I think that's enough!

Brenda said...

thanks, Gretchen! You should print this out! It is good enough to be a poem! They are one of God's wonderful creations, aren't they!

Lulu said...

I can honestly say that I love my horses because they save me from my career. They are my sanity at the beginng and end of a very long day.
(this is lindsey from the ht list)

Anonymous said...

I love horses because they brought my mom and I closer to each other after my dad left at the age of 5. Then after my grandpa got sick we got in to barrels and my mom sacrasficed anything she could so I could go run my barrels. My horses have always been my sanity and whenever I am upset you can find me in the barn or in the pasture with the 2 horse loves of my life!!!!
Chel from HT

Brenda said...

Hi Lindsey and Chel, yes, horses are great therapy! They listen without complaining. I think it is because it is so peaceful to walk among them when you are bothered or upset about something. The horses seem to know when you are not there to catch them, and they just let you visit and wander. They come to you and let you pet them, and I find where they are almost too much in my face. They must sense that we need to be comforted.

Jamie said...

I don't think I can sum up why I love horses better than Gretchen did!! All that applies to me too. :-) I love horses b/c of how connected I feel with them, b/c I have always said I was better on 4 legs than on 2 (and is that ever becoming more and more clear!!). Horses are my teacher's, my therapists and the mirror into my soul. It's hard to describe the hole that would be left if I couldn't spend time with horses - they're a part of me!

Brenda said...

oh, I love that. "Horses are the mirror into my soul!" Lovely!


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