Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider

Training the Mind of the Horse and Rider
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

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I grew up with 13-14 hand Welsh cross ponies. I rode all over our 120 acre farm and the western Pennsylvania hills for miles around the farm. They taught me to love them and to hang on when they ran.  With their stubborn ways, they taught me patience. Others had troubles with their ponies, but I never did. My parents have a photo of myself, my younger sister and older brother hanging onto very small ponies.  I think we were 3, 5 and 7.  Ponies and horses have been part of my life, except for a few years during college and early married years.


Tom and I have 3 children. Sara is married to Jake and they have Makenzie and Kaytlyn.  Jacob is married to Amber and they have Caden and Tyler.  Our youngest son, Micah, lives close by in Lincoln.  All 3 children rode and showed Quarter Horses.  Sara did all around Showmanship, English Equitation and Hunter Under Saddle, and Western Pleasure Horsemanship.  All 3 children showed Barrels and Poles.  Micah added Reining and Working Cow.  We were privileged to have the children show at the Quarter Horse Youth Worlds when the event was held at Fort Worth, Texas.  The boys made finals in Pole Bending and Stake Race.


Empty nest came.  I operated a tack store for a few years.  Then I decided to go back to raising some foals.  Over the years, we raised many Quarter Horse offspring from our Good Asset stud, Grand Duke of Asset, out of a Boston Mac Granddaughter.  The last 10 years, we felt the decrease in the horse industry, and we only raised ½ dozen colts.   And a few years ago, our stud became a gelding that I love riding.  He and Shaggy, one of Duke’s sons, are my main 2 horses that I ride in my Centered Riding Clinics.


I grew up trail riding and I started trail riding more.  I started riding CTR’s, Competitive Trail Rides, in 2007. I knew I wanted to get an Arabian as they were meant to ride distances.  I heard about Rushcreek Arabians and how well they rode.  When I heard that Rushcreek Arabians were liquidating, I knew I had to go out to Lisco, Nebraska and bring one home.  I ended up bringing 2 fillies home in the spring of 2012, 6 year old Rushcreek Allie and 5 year old Rushcreek Bonita.  Both are lovely greys.  I just love their heads, their personalities, and how much they have bonded with me.


I rode in a limited distance AERC Endurance Ride in 2013 as well as The Tevis Trail Educational Ride in CA.  I caught the endurance bug.  I want to do this!  Last year, I rode RC Bonita, as RC Allie was coming off an injury.  This summer, I started getting Allie in shape for fall CTR’s.  I hope to try a few 50-100 mile AERC rides each year.


But raising babies is what I love.  So the summer of 2012, I also purchased 3 Rushcreek youngsters, 5 of the older mares and 2 younger mares.  We had our first 3 Rushcreek bred offspring in 2013 and 4 more in 2014. In 2013, I leased Shalimar Playboy, an Al-Marah bred grey stallion, and purchased him the following year. 


For a while, I’ll continue the heritage of Rushcreek Arabians.  And I plan on getting out there on the trail on a few of them!


“God provides the opportunities, but it’s up to us to take them.”  A line for the movie, “Stranded in Paradise.”  I’m a romantic at heart.  With a great love for horses!  And Foals! 



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